TWO OPS are a duo   made   of  a

drummer and a D J producer,   two   musical souls

so distant they almost become two perfect opposites.

Their production is based on the sounds of EDM music which, through the use of an acoustic drum kit, inevitably sinks its claws in Rock'n'Roll.

Maximiliano De Napoli, known as Max, started playing drums at age 5. Born in Buenos Aires, he moved to Italy when he was 7, and went from playing Latin Rock to studying other genres such as Metal and R&B.

The concept that would later give birth to TWOOPS came to him when, wanting to bring drums into nightclubs, he began playing accompanied by a playlist on a flash drive and a computer.

The rhythm brought forth by the acoustic drums had to make its way through already produced music pieces.

Come to think of it, a drum kit in a dance club is one the most Rock'n'Roll things you could ever see, because it challenges the norm of a place where it'd be so unexpected to find one.

After spending some time in search of the right travel companion to develop his project, and after playing in clubs now turned Japanese restaurants, Max reached a turning point in his career thanks to the meeting with Fabrizio Sartor, aka Loco Hill.

Fabrizio's first meeting with music happened when he was 14 and formed an Hip Hop duo. He later found an interest in electronic music and moved on to the production of House Music.

Fabrizio developed his producer streak in 2010, when he attended school as a sound technician. Meanwhile his DJ sets saw him at the center of the nightlife in Milan. His pieces come from EDM and Progressive House.

TWO OPS have performed in major clubs in Italy and are always looking to bring the project around the world and are constantly searching for new sounds to allow them to give a strong identity to their own unique way of production, and to make their music easily identifiable.

. Their first song LMG was published with EGO MUSIC one of the main labels of electronic music


The TWOOPS project is so special due to the fact that their produced pieces are played live for some of their part, through the use of launchpads and specially developed musical arrangements, as well as, naturally, the accompaniment on drums.


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